By Gefion Thuermer – King’s College London

ACTION coordinator King’s College London is hosting the Data Stories Symposium 2020 on 26th & 27th November. In two half-days of presentations and workshops, participants at this free online event can explore how to engage with data, and use it to create stories.

Data is central to citizen science, with participants often contributing to data collection or analysis. This event will shine a light on how data is used in many different contexts to frame the world we live in, and the issues we care about; how it is used in the arts or the news; how it is visualised, and how we can interact with it. In two interactive workshops, attendees can draw comics to make data more accessible, or learn about and try out the Smoking Gun game experience, which lets players work through a whistleblower wanting to leak data.

It’s going to be two exciting days, and everyone’s invited!