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Over the course of the ACTION project we develop a number of resources that are hopefully interesting for the scientific community, citizen scientists, decision makers and funding agencies and the public at large. 

These include academic outputs as Research Deliverables, scientific articles, webinars as well as dissemination resources such as videos and other information materials about the project. You will find all these resources in this page. 

ACTION developed also the ACTION OPEN SCIENCE PORTAL. There you will find not only the resources available in this page, but also the datasets developed by the ACTION team and its pilots. 

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ACTION Accelerator programme – Data Management dan Data Quality

Esteban González (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) and Ilaria Baroni (CEFRIEL) present how to set up a data management plan and how to ensure data quality in a citizen science project (17 March 2021).

ACTION project and ACTION Accelerator overview

Introduction by Elena Siperl, King’s College London and coordinator of the ACTION project at the ACTION Accelerator kick-off meeting, 11 January 2021

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