CONEY, the CONversational survEY toolkit developed by Cefriel, has been showcased at the CHItaly 2019 Conference in Padova – Italy (23-25 September).

Coney is a tool designed to help researchers in collecting data from users. The toolkit allows designing surveys to be administered through a conversational interface, an innovative approach that leverages the chat interaction paradigm to boost user engagement.

CHItaly is the 13th edition of the Biannual Conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter about human-computer interaction. It is a great opportunity to discuss new interactive paradigms to augment users’ knowledge and engagement in citizen science projects.

We are glad to say that at the CHItaly Conference CONEY was a success, and it has been deeply appreciated by the other participants. Congratulations, Cefriel!

CONEY poster at CHItaly Conference 2019 - Cefriel