This year ACTION’s FVB-IGB team worked with students at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute to co-develop with citizen science projects a set of Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines for Citizen Science. These guidelines have now been used in the design of a new online platform to crowdsource sounds of Lusatia. This region at the border of Germany and Poland, home to the Slavic minority group the Sorbs-Wendels, is undergoing structural changes due to the phasing out of brown-coal mining. As part of the project This Land is Not Mine, Kat Austen and her studio team have built a crowdsourcing website to collect sounds characteristic of the identity of Lusatia. In order to make the project as inclusive as possible, Austen used the ACTION Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines to ensure that the website and its possibilities for interaction are as inclusive as possible. 

Image by Kat Austen CC-BY-SA 4.0