Citizen science engage students in meaningful science research that addresses real world issues and leads to scientific advancement. 

We would like to invite school students to contribute to one particular project. We intend to generate awareness about the problem of light pollution in general, and the consequences of the global switch out of the older street lighting to new LEDs usually richer in blue-rich white light emission, in particular. 

To help this objective, we have developed some learning materials for students with ages around 14 years old. The text discusses artificial light at night effects, review some different types of light pollution, study some of their negative effects and helps to understand how to install lighting sources in such a way that the negative impact is minimized.

Aside from gaining awareness, the students will be introduced to the Street Spectra citizen science project through which they will learn how to analyze and classify sources of light pollution contributing to science as a citizen scientist.

With the following link you can download the teaching materials. We hope you like them!