The ALAN conference series is dedicated to examining all aspects of artificial light at night. The broad scope of the conference includes how light is produced, where it is present, what effects it has on humans and the environment, how it is perceived by the public and how the benefits and detriments of lighting may be balanced by regulation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ALAN 2020 will not happen as planned in Lleida this year but 2021. As the aim of the ALAN conference series is to support the development of understanding of ALAN, an electronic event eALAN conference will happen during June 2020.

 The eALAN will take place in three staggered sessions and will cover topics grouped in four major groups: ‘Technology and design’ ‘Measurement and modeling’ ‘Biology and ecology’ and ‘Health’. The preliminary schedule of eALAN is already available

Researchers on light pollution from the ACTION group will attend this conference in order to present Street Spectra with a poster describing the motivation being the change in technology lighting is suffering around the World.

The poster includes a method to characterize street lamps by taking a picture with a diffraction granting on top to the phone camera and comparing the results with well known light sources spectra.