The Festival for Art, Technology and Society “Ars Electronica” is an internationally platform for digital art and media culture that enjoys a worldwide reputation.

This year’s edition took place from September the 9th to the 13th, and for the first time, it happened not only in Linz, but at 120 locations around the globe.

6 ACTION projects were presented dealing with waste as well as air, noise and light pollution. We would like to share one of them prepared as a documentary like video presenting Street Spectra.

Street Spectra is a citizen science project to map and characterise public lighting sources in which volunteers use a low cost diffraction grating on top of their smartphones’ camera to take pictures of the street lamps and their emission spectra. 

The video included a brief introduction to why we are interested in identifying luminaires, an explanation of how to get and use a diffraction grating and tutorial on how to participate in the project.