By Ilaria Baroni – Cefriel

Artificial Intelligence is more and more present in everyday applications and services, and the end-users are getting acquainted with it. Cefriel is involved in research studies related to the user acceptance of such technologies, to understand how they perceive the quality and value of AI results, thus trusting and relying on AI for daily activities. The “human in the loop” can be exploited to improve AI results, creating a win-win approach where the human will benefit from more precise results and the AI will be trained with more data. Furthermore, machine learning can also be fruitfully used to analyze and process data coming from Citizen Science research.

From the preliminary studies made at Cefriel, it seems that the level of trust the citizens put on AI is directly correlated with the quality of its results, and this impacts on the perceived usefulness of the final system, making the user more or less keen to rely on it.