By Virginia de Pablo and Esteban González – The Ontology Engineering Group (OEG)

The Citizen Science Month, held for a couple of years, has gone from a couple of events developed in the National Library of Medicine at Arizona State University and the Citizen Science Association or the National Geographic, to being a full month of development and science for all audiences.

The initiative already has projects throughout the country that can be searched through its web: using the map, by date or by the name of the event.

This year, with the social changes brought about by the COVID19 pandemic, the organizers have kept many of the activities running, turning Citizen Science Month into an opportunity to work from home on projects related to the pandemic.

Thanks to Citizen Science Month, researchers provide opportunities to interact with the public and vice versa. Citizen Science becomes an invitation for everyone to participate in real science, in the topics interesting them, following protocols to collect data, analysis and reports.