By Gloria Re Calegari – Cefriel

Coney, the toolkit for designing, administering and analysing results of conversational surveys has been made available on Github ( ). Both the code and the documentation has been released on the Github page. In the Wiki section a tutorial explains how to use Coney and which are the main features. 

Coney is an innovative toolkit designed to enhance the user experience in surveys completion. Coney exploits a conversational approach: on the one hand, Coney allows modelling a conversational survey with an intuitive graphical editor; on the other hand, it allows publishing and administering surveys through a chat interface. Coney allows defining an arbitrary acyclic graph of interaction flows, in which the following question depends on the previous answer provided by the user. This offers a high degree of flexibility to survey designers that can simulate a human to human interaction, with a storytelling approach that enables different personalized paths.