By Kat Austen – IGB

Today is Earth Day, and across the world citizen science projects are coming together to push for a healthier planet. We’re delighted that our ACTION Accelerator project In My Backyard is participating with a drive to find out about sustainable food-growing practices online.  To participate visit

PROJETO "NO MEO QUINTAL" - Rio Neiva – Associação Defesa Ambiente

More citizen science initiatives can be found on the Earth Day map by selecting “Citizen Science” from the Event Type drop-down box on the left.

Earth Day are also launching  the Earth Challenge 2020 app, which aims to help citizens make the world cleaner and healthier. In this time of COVID-19, the Earth Challenge app can be used to collect research quality environmental data, including air quality, plastic pollution and insect populations, and points the way to things you can do to contribute to improving it.

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