The iOS-version of GRECO Citizen Science app GENERATION SOLAR is out today
The app is the result of a unique collaboration between researchers, Citizen Scientists and IT-specialists. It acts – among others – as a database for rooftop solar energy installations.

GRECO in a nutshell

GRECO is a multinational research project funded by the European Commission. Its main goal is putting Open Science and other Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approaches into action in a real research project in the photovoltaic sector.

GRECO demonstrates how knowledge coalitions comprising researchers, civil organisations, citizens, governments, industry and non-profit organisations may adopt RRI approaches such as Open Science. Specifically, GRECO fosters the uptake of six innovative socially acceptable solutions for photovoltaic products.

GRECO sets out a framework where citizens will actively participate in the process of research, development and innovation both in the design of new PV solutions and in the provision of data.

Open Science as a whole will be explored. GRECO will follow Open Access and Open Data policies, but at the same time Open SoftwareOpen Notebooks or Innovative Open Metadata will be produced.

GRECO targets at paving the way for other researchers adopting this new style of managing science in their own research.