By Jaime Zamorano & Lucía García – UCM

The efforts for spreading the Street Spectra project are more visible than ever. Thanks to the collaboration of the astronomy association “Astroguada” 8 schools have signed up to involve their students on the project.

They gave us the opportunity of reaching all the students from ages 12 to 18. Each group got two different sessions so they would learn the basics about light pollution and try the experience of becoming a scientist by both gathering data and analyzing it.

High pressure sodium, mercury vapor, metal halide or LED? The scholars learnt to identify the most common technologies of the streetlamps and used their phones or computers from the school to join Zooniverse and classify pictures taken by other students.

They were also given the opportunity to download Epicollect5 on their phones and the task to use a diffraction grating to take pictures of streetlamps around their homes and add them to the database. 

The information needed to participate is accessible from Street Spectra schools website and the results are visible on a map of the zone