By Gloria Re Calegari – Cefriel

The dashboard with the information of the citizen science pilots running within the ACTION project has been updated with the information of the new six pilots that joined the second accelerator program.

The six new pilots are: Mapping Mobility and Restart Data Workbench from the UK, Open Soil Atlas from Germany, Keepers of the Sea from Portugal, WOWNature and Walk Up Aniene from Italy.

Overall, the 15 accelerated pilots address all the types of pollution: most of them focus their activities on fighting soil (6), light (4) and water (3) pollution, but there are also activities focused on air (2) and noise (1) pollution. 

More than 500 volunteers are actively working in these projects and they are involved in different tasks from research design to data collection and analysis. 

Regarding the impact of the projects’ activities in terms of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) most of the pilots address the SDG3 “Good health and wellbeing”, SDG11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and SDG12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”.

The dashboard will be updated once per month until the end of the accelerator program (end of August).

For more information, visit the dashboard here: