By Roy van Grunsven

We have mentioned webinars that have been given by ACTION partners regularly in news items and many different topics have been discussed in the meantime. However, you run into problems at a different moment than the pilots in ACTION and therefore might want to see a webinar later. That is possible as all webinars are on our website at Accelerator | ACTION Project

Some webinars discuss topics that emerge as a logical question when developing a citizen science project such as “How to engage communities online?” or questions on data management and data visualisation. There are also webinars on topics that are important, but are often ignored. One is on the inclusivity of citizen science projects (Do we exclude people by using a certain language or asking for some activities?). But also on impact assessment, in the end you want to know whether your project made a difference, how can you tell? 

If you are starting a citizen science project or are involved in the coordination have a look at this set of free and insightful webinars.