If you are looking for tools, guidelines and case studies for your Citizen Science project this is the place to go: https://actionproject.eu/toolkit/

The ACTION toolkit for participatory science is the ultimate resource collection for everyone interested in running inclusive and impactful citizen science projects. It provides a selection of practical instruments and learning outcomes that can support your teams in all phases of their citizen science project and addresses the practical problems that projects face throughout their lifecycle:

  1. Problem Framing
  2. Citizen Engagement
  3. Design
  4. Data
  5. Results
  6. Sustainability
  7. Policy

Overall you will find a large variety of tools, case studies, and guidelines for each stage in the project lifecycle.

The toolkit was written for pollution-focused citizen science projects, but will be useful to everyone who wishes to apply citizen science methods. It can be used by citizen volunteers, local communities interested in starting a citizen science project, researchers wishing to engage with citizens in their work, or public authorities interacting with citizens or working on policies where citizen science insights are relevant. We hope it will help them to plan, create, improve, and maximise the impact of their projects.

The toolkit draws on the expertise in pollution, citizen science, participatory design, social innovation, socio-economic studies, open science, social computing, open data and software development from the ACTION project, to ensure it suits the requirements of citizen science projects, addressing the practical problems that they face throughout the different stages of each project.

Enjoy exploring and applying!