Restart data workbench



Type/s of pollution

Soil pollution, waste reduction/management

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Is the pilot looking for participants?

Yes, please look here how to join:

What is this project about?

Run by The Restart Project, Restart Data Workbench addresses the global dimensions of pollution and consumerism, the impacts of our take-make-throw economy. Many imported goods have really short lifespans, which we try to extend at our community repair events. Around 80% of a small electronic devices’ carbon footprint is emitted before it even reaches European shores. What if we can use our stuff for longer by fixing it? What if these products are impossible to repair by design? What are the real impacts of this on the environment and on people across the planet?

We will explore this together with our repair community, and engage the wider public by creating online microtasks to analyse data about attempted repairs, investigating the environmental impacts of the products repaired and using our results to influence policy discussions.

Are you interested in taking part?

For participating in the Restart Data Workbench pilot activities join the community here.

Are you interested in doing something similar?

Learn more by visiting the The Restart Project website.

Pilot’s media

Photos – Credit: Mark Phillips

Watch the pilot videos on their YouTube channel.