Rome, Italy

Type/s of pollution

Water and soil pollution. Biodiversity monitoring.

Sustainable Development Goals addressed?

Number of citizens scientists involved


The pilot was concluded in September 2021.

What was this project about?

Walk Up Aniene implemented its actions in the Aniene Valley Nature Reserve, which is located in the North East periphery or Rome (Italy). 100 people were engage in individual observation and data gathering through mobile technologies. This provided key data on an essential natural area resisting urbanisation and anthropic pressure. With the help of citizens it was possible to map environmental criticalities and support responsible institutions to plan environmental restoration measures.

The pilot aima to analyse the environmental quality of the river riparian area while enhancing participation at local level. Monitoring activities provided data to develop a report on the Nature Reserve of the Aniene Valley and a GIS map that highlighted areas of main criticalities to be addressed, restoration needs and valuable areas to be protected.

On the basis of existing protocol and questionnaire for biodiversity monitoring, the WALK Up Aniene team developed simplified questionnaires adequate for data gathering by citizens. To facilitate data collection, georeferenciacion, pictures and sound gathering, they used Epicollect.

The pilot was led by A sud, with the support of Insieme per l’aniene and CDCA – Centro Documentazione Conflitti Ambientali (center for the documentation of environmental conflicts).

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