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The Lean Survey Canvas

Gloria Re Calegari - Cefriel - 23/7/2019The Lean Survey Canvas - A methodology to design powerful surveys Surveys are the main method employed in collecting data from users and many citizen science projects face the not-so-easy task of designing a good questionnaire....

Citizen science & transition

Julia Wittmayer, Drift, 03-06-2019 What is the role of citizen science in sustainability transitions? While the field of sustainability transitions research starts to embrace transformative research approaches such as transdisciplinary research, Living Lab approaches...

Citizen Sensing

Annelli Janssen, Drift, 03-06-2019 Citizen Sensing – a toolbox is a great guide for setting up a citizen sensing project, based on the experiences of the Making Sense project. The toolkit is based on values of empowerment, co-creation, changemaking, and openness. It...

News from our citizen science projects

Good news for banded demoiselle!

Roy van Grunsven - Dutch Butterfly Conservation - 23/05/2019 The banded demoiselle is emerging in large parts of Europe this time of the year. This beautiful damselfly has increased in distribution thanks to the improved water quality in running waters. This is to a...

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